Project Description



When a luxurious family touring train halts in a pitch black tunnel, the conductor tries to pacify the passengers, not knowing an uninvited creature quietly sneaks on board...


Grand Adventure Railroad is a short film about self-identification.  The protagonist, a young beloved conductor, awakes from the exploitation of the rail tour business and embraces who he is. The film is to accentuate the immense care for one another amidst the misunderstanding, contempt and indifference. The light that comes from giving kindness will guide us when we are faced with choices.


Grand Adventure Railroad is produced and directed by Hsiao-Shan Huang with the support from the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.



Lauguage:Invented Language, No Subtitle

Duration:15 min



©  Hsiao-Shan Huang


Cast & Crew List


Production:Hsiao-Shan Huang

Producer:Po-Syun Wu

Writer:Hsiao-Shan Huang, Wayne Cheng

Director:Hsiao-Shan Huang

Set Design:Po-Lin Li

Music:Mitch Lin (Ming-Hsueh Lin)

Cinematography:Sin-Ping Liou

Voice:Ming-Yao Lu , Ying-Ying Lai, Phoebe Chen, Paula Chen, Sean Chen, Tse-Yi Lai, Yi-Te Yu, Meng-Chi Wang, Arven Chin

Voice Supervisor:Arven Chin


Art Director:Hsiao-Shan Huang

Character Design:Hsiao-Shan Huang, Bin-Bin Lu

Assistant Set Design:Tzu-Yu Su

Set Design Assistant:Dan-Yi Peng

Animator:Bin-Bin Lu, Yin-Yu Lin, Wei-Wen Lin, Kuan-Wen Liu, Hsiao-Shan Huang, Tzu-Sin Yang, Mavis Huang, Jiun Huang, Hero Paul See, Bruno Costa, Eileen Bray, Tenzin Lhanze, Diana Isabel Tantillo

Second Animation Team:SIMON films Team

Second Animation Team Manager:Ana de la Garza, Isabel Gómez Flore, Jay Ann Sabaybay, Josep Cantos Pàmies, Pau Cantos Simón

Second Animation Team Coordinator:Josep Cantos Pàmies, Pau Cantos Simón

Second Animation Team Supervisor:Pau Cantos Simón

Editing:Hsiao-Shan Huang

Compositing:Hsiao-Shan Huang, Ho-Kun Tsao

Colorgrade:Sin-Ping Liou, Hsiao-Shan Huang

Puppet Fabrication:Chi-Chen Lin

Behind the Scene Photographer:Sin-Ping Liou, Yi- An Chen, Po-Yu Chen, Daniel Becerril


Audio Post Production: Forgood Sound

Re-recording Mixer:Shanice Yang

Sound Effects Editor:Shu-yu Chen

ADR Recordist:Shu-yu Chen

ADR Editor:Shanice Yang

Foley Artist:Shu-yu Chen

Foley Recordist / Editor:Shanice Yang

Sound Post-Production Coordinator:Yaya Yeh

Copyright ©  2020 by Hsiao-Shan Huang. All Rights Reserved.